Tillamook County- As Commissioner David McCall Will Provide Leadership in a Time of Change

I ventured out to buy groceries this week, and as I looked around at the vacant streets, I thought, “This is so deserted on a warm sunny day in April. We are going to need help building back to normal.”
As we build back to normal, we will need leaders who involve citizens and who have a proven record of accomplishments.
I especially want to address one such leader, David McCall, who is running for Tillamook County Commissioner Position # 2.
David has leadership experience as a Bay City Council Member, the director of a Tillamook County Program, and an advocate for Tillamook on the state level.
He is also accomplished in building new programs, something Tillamook County is going to need now and in the future. He has “been there, done that”. He owned and managed businesses that were solutions to pressing community needs.

He and a partner started the first curbside recycling program in a city of 1.8 million people. Here in Tillamook County, he worked with a team to create recycling for paint and asphalt shingles. When someone says, “It can’t be done”, David says, “Let’s find a way.”
He really listens. I first met David while working with him in a community organization. I often saw him quietly listening to people who brought a different perspective. Tillamook County is diverse with rural and urban residents and newcomers as well as long-time citizens. David uses this as an opportunity to get a well-rounded view of the situation. This will make the solutions for our county moving forward much more relevant.
Electing David as a county commissioner will bring a fresh perspective and strong experience to opportunities in Tillamook County. I have joined my neighbors in supporting David McCall for Tillamook County Commissioner, Position # 2 and encourage you to do the same.
Mary C. McGinnis
Rockaway Beach