Support for Adam Schwend for Commissioner

As the 2018 President of the Tillamook County Board of Realtors, it is my honor to announce our support for Adam Schwend, County Commissioner. Adam was the 2017 President of our local board, and as such, we had the opportunity to view him up close; personally, and professionally. His steadfastness, tireless efforts, listening skills and insights into our city and county workings, are impressive, as he expands connections and relationships. He seems to have a unique ability to sustain an effort, even a vision, as he encourages others to participate, evaluate and discuss. He assisted our Board in successfully increasing community involvement and advocacy related to important legislative issues, of which he has a particular expertise, that affect our local coastal economy and livability.

Adam led the charge in stopping the 1% fee on new construction, supported by our local board, builders and developers, given we see strides and progress in identifying qualified buyers dedicated to building affordable, work force and other much needed housing.

Long before I got to know Adam well, he volunteered for a last minute “call for help” for a special event I was coordinating in the Downtown, later becoming a sponsor. His interest and activities seem to all be along those lines, a man driven to be of service, always with the highest degree of integrity, dedication and capacity, for whom I am pleased to also personally endorse.

Respectfully, Valerie Schumann
Principal Broker
And Coastal Residential Property Services
406 Garibaldi Avenue | P.O. Box 475
Garibaldi, OR 97118