(TILLAMOOK, OR. October 31, 2022) The Tillamook Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has a new meeting room in the courthouse, on the first floor in Room 106. The board will hold its regular, weekly meetings in the new meeting room beginning November 2, 2022. The commissioners have been meeting in a temporary space in the basement of the courthouse since May of 2022, while the new meeting room was being renovated.
The change in meeting space is the result of the commissioners providing their former meeting rooms to the Tillamook County Circuit Court for a courtroom. The court had long outgrown the former courtroom 108. The county is required by statute to provide safe and adequate court facilities, and the most immediate and cost-effective solution was for the BOCC to trade spaces with the Circuit Court.

“We are delighted to have facilitated this solution to the long-standing problem of courtroom 108,” said Commissioner Mary Faith Bell. “We now have two excellent courtrooms, 102 on the first floor, and 224 on the second floor. The commissioners have a nice, new meeting room in 106.”
“We appreciate the ongoing efforts of the Board of Commissioners to improve the courthouse, including this work to address the long-standing safety issues in the old courtroom, where witnesses were in arms reach of the jury,” said Presiding Judge Jonathan Hill. “This is a great example of the county, the court, and the state working together to provide safe and adequate space for jurors, witnesses, and the people who come to the court to have disputes resolved.”