The Tillamook County Board of Commissioners passed Resolution #R-20-007 this morning Wednesday April 8th declaring those serving in Tillamook County during the COVID-19 pandemic as “Official Tillamook County Heroes”.
BOC Chairman Bill Baerlein explained his idea, “We have many heroes in our community who we would like to honor by awarding the official hero button. We need to recognize their service to the community.”
The first 500 buttons will be given to our front-line health care workers. They are among the most exposed by this virus. We all want to thank them for their service during one of the largest crises that Tillamook County and the Nation have ever endured.

We have ordered another 500 buttons to be awarded to law enforcement, first responders, grocery employees, food bank volunteers, and countless others working to ensure we have the necessities to
survive this pandemic. We also thank them for all they are doing for our community.
Finally, we thank our citizens who are staying at home and abiding by the Governor’s declaration. These are hard times for us all and your efforts are saving lives. Though we can’t give out 26,000 buttons, we are all heroes!