TILLAMOOK COUNTY COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTERS: Mask Mandate Ends March 12th; Masks Required in Health Care Settings, Public Transportation

With Oregon’s mask requirements lifting tomorrow, March 12th for most public indoor spaces and schools, mask-wearing, like getting a vaccine, will become a mostly personal choice. Some businesses may still require masks, some schools may choose to require masks and masks are still required on public transportation and in health care settings.
Masks protect both the person wearing the mask as well as those around them, so you might be wondering if, based on your personal situation, you should continue to wear a mask.

Asking yourself certain questions might help you understand your personal risk based on established pandemic guidelines, as well as your own comfort level to decide to participate in social events or wear a mask in public spaces going forward.
See the graphic for some questions to consider and visit OHA for more information: https://covidblog.oregon.gov/navigating-the-safety-of-day-to-day-activities-in-a-covid-19-world/