TILLAMOOK COUNTY COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTERS: Tillamook County COVID-19 Summary Feb. 12-18, 2021

⏺Projected to stay “Lower Risk” for next movement week
⏺Next potential risk movement: 2/26/2021
⏺7 new cases this week (2/12-2/18)
⏺808 vaccines given this week (2/12 – 2/18)

Tillamook County COVID-19 Updates – from COVID-19 Incident Command, Gordon McCraw
Tillamook county has seen 7 new cases this week which means we are still on track, unless we see an unexpected surge, to remain in the Lower Risk Group — the lowest Group on the matrix. The County also continues to monitor 19 individuals and currently has zero COVID related hospitalizations. To date, Tillamook County has had 22 hospitalizations.

As far as vaccine goes, Tillamook County partners vaccinated over 808 individuals this week, this includes individuals 80 and over. As of February 18th, we had vaccinated 2,132 people in Phase 1a (1st Shot), 787 1a Boosters (2nd Shot) and 1,235 primary doses to people in the 1b group. Since December, this represents 12.7% of our county population. While vaccine deliveries have been low for Tillamook County, we were slated to start seeing larger deliveries next week, but with the Severe Wintry Weather being experienced all over the country, deliveries are being delayed. Know that our team is working their hardest to get the vaccine we receive, distributed to our citizens as quickly as possible.

I am again receiving word about individuals who get calls from people identifying themselves as from the CDC with information about receiving the vaccine. Apparently, it starts out with a recording and if you want additional information, you must hit 1. Once you do this a person comes online and needs some of your information, name, email address, some or part of your Social Security Number. Remember there were also other calls that said for $25 dollars, they would come to your house and give you the shot. This is also a Scam. If you have registered for the shot, the Health Department will clearly identify themselves and let you know when you are scheduled for your shot and where. They will not ask for personal information or require phone payment thus ask for your credit card information.

For more information about signing up for the COVID-19 vaccine, go to www.tillamookchc.org