By Gordon McCraw, Tillamook County Emergency Manager, COVID-19 Incident Command
As you know, the weather across the U.S. last week was, well, not only bad but record setting. Many people were affected and many transport businesses including the airline industry, was greatly impacted. This delayed shipments of the vaccine to many, including to Tillamook County. For us, the vaccine is shipped out of Tennessee and did not make it out on schedule which has set everything back a week.
Tillamook County had begun vaccinating the Phase 1b, Group 2 (80 and over) last week and had hoped to complete those this week. However, with the weather delay, we had to reschedule them for next week. With no more hiccups, we may be able to start on the next Group (Group 3, 75 and over) the week after that.

Today I was asked, “I have registered at your online 65+GetMyVaccine on the Tillamookchc.org site, should I call in also?” The answer is NO, please don’t call. Because of high call volumes, they are no longer able to schedule appointments by individuals calling or emailing. When they were, they were actually using that same site to fill in the form for you. Also, you must be enrolled on the vaccine eligibility form to be contacted and scheduled to attend a vaccine event. If you have a relative or a friend that you know is not online, and are qualified in the current Group, assist them by filling out and submitting the form on their behalf.
Finally, we produce a randomized list and schedule the appointments for the entire day so there is no room to spare, therefore walk-ins cannot get a shot and will be turned away.