Tillamook County Declares a Wage Emergency for Certain U.S. Government Employees, Request Community Support

Tillamook, Oregon-On January 23, 2019
The Tillamook County Commissioners unanimously passed Resolution R-19-001, a Resolution Declaring a Wage Emergency for Certain United States Government Employees. The resolution that was drafted by Commissioner Bill Baertlein was presented at the Board of Commissioners Meeting by Emergency Management Director Lt. Gordon McCraw. Lt. McCraw said, “I present this because #1, it is an Emergency Declaration of sorts, and #2, I am a retired Navy Chief and have been in their shoes.” McCraw pointed out that because the US Coast Guard falls under Homeland Security and not the Military Department, they are not being paid during the government shutdown. He said, “Our Garibaldi sailors continue to perform rescue missions in our area, even in dangerous and severe conditions, but they will not receive a paycheck to support their families until the current budget issue is resolved!”

Lt. McCraw explained that the Manager of the Port of Garibaldi, Mike Saindon, a former Coast Guard Master Chief himself, has been busy distributing food to the Coast Guard crews and their families, and thanked the community and the local businesses for the support. He reminded us that the Coast Guard Station in Garibaldi could not accept donations directly so anyone wishing to donate should contact the Port.
Commissioner Baertlein reminded the Board that in addition to the Coast Guard, this “shutdown” was also locally affecting the US Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service, Bureau of Land Management and the US Fish and Wildlife Service members, and their families.
The BOC Resolution calls for action from the local community to support these Federal workers and Coast Guard, and requests that our local businesses, retailers, landlords, financial institutions to extend credit and/or waive late fees. Tillamook County asks that our citizens provide as much support as possible by providing meals, contributing to food banks and offering compassion as needed.
For more information on how you can help, contact Port of Garibaldi at 503-322-3292. A temporary food pantry has been set up at the Port, and other donations can be left at the Port or sent to CARE Inc.