Tillamook County Democrats Condemns Anti-Semitism, Calls for Community Unity

July 19, 2022

Dear Citizens of Tillamook County:

The horror of anti-semitism has returned to our community. We have no reason at this point to believe that more than one person was involved in distributing the offensive leaflets you may have seen in recent weeks, but one person is far too many when this kind of paranoia and falsehood is involved. Within living memory a world war erupted when these very ideas overtook parts of Europe. Many millions of people died, including more than a million Americans, some of them our own parents and grandparents. Standing idly by, looking the other way when disturbed people begin to spread these lies again, is the worst form of disrespect for the sacrifices our parents and grandparents made.

We do appreciate the prompt attention given to this matter by the Tillamook Police Department, and we are aware that the First Amendment prevents our government from suppressing even the ugliest political speech, but as private citizens and stewards of our civic health, the Central Committee of the Tillamook County Democratic Party will not tolerate the ideology expressed in these leaflets. We make no allowances for open-mindedness on this subject. We condemn anti-semitism, and we affirm our love and support for the Jewish members of our community.

Will you do the same?

Cole Brecheen
Chair, Tillamook County Democratic Party