Tillamook County Democrats Declare Support for Black Lives Matter

On Thursday August 27th the Tillamook County Democratic Central Committee (TCDCC) passed a resolution in which it declared support for Black Lives Matter. This local action comes as part of a long history of combating racism by the National Democratic Party.
The TCDCC resolution reads, “Democrats will fight to end institutional and systemic racism in our society. We will challenge and dismantle the structures that define lasting racial, economic, political, and social inequity. Democrats will promote racial justice through fair, just, and equitable governing of all public-serving institutions and in the formation of public policy.”
In its process, TCDCC drew from a platform plank of the Oregon Democratic Party, which reads, “We oppose racially-targeted policing, prosecutorial overcharging, coercive plea bargains, biased jury selection, and sentencing practices that result in a disproportionate number of African American, Latino, Native American, other people of color, and economically disadvantaged people entering and being trapped in the criminal justice system.”
TCDCC also noted and supported the fact that both the Tillamook County Commissioners and the County Sheriff’s Department have recently affirmed that Black Lives Matter and each pledged to protect the rights of people of color and to serve all county citizens.

The TCDCC resolution spelled out some specific actions:
·“We support local efforts to organize a public forum to discuss areas where systemic racism exists within the criminal and civil justice systems in Tillamook County and how it can be addressed.
·We unequivocally support removal of symbols that could be perceived to celebrate historic racial oppression and genocide from public property in Tillamook County.
·We support changing systems to dismantle systemic racism. This includes, but isn’t limited to, re-envisioning policing and tackling racial disparities in education, environment, healthcare, the criminal justice system, employment, and housing.
·We deplore those individuals and groups that have violently hijacked peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrations.”

For more information about this and other actions of TCDCC, visit its website at TillCoDems.org.