Tillamook County Emergency Management Advisory: High Surf Advisory until 09:00AM Wednesday Dec. 16


High Surf Advisory until 09:00AM Wednesday
Alert Details
Severity: Minor – Minimal to no known threat to life or property
Urgency: Expected – Responsive action SHOULD be taken soon (within next hour)
Certainty: Likely (p > ~50%)
Category: MET: Meteorological (inc. flood)

* WHAT…For the Coastal Flood Advisories, tidal overflow flooding expected. For the High Surf Advisory, large waves and hazardous surf conditions. Breakers up to 23 feet.

* WHERE…North Oregon Coast.

* WHEN…For the first Coastal Flood Advisory, from 9 AM to 4 PM PST Tuesday. For the High Surf Advisory, from noon Tuesday to 9 AM PST Wednesday. For the second Coastal Flood Advisory, until 4 PM PST this afternoon.

* IMPACTS…Minor flooding, up to one foot above ground level, during high tides is expected in the low lying areas near bays, sloughs, and the lower reaches of the coastal rivers. Destructive waves may wash over beaches, jetties, and other structures unexpectedly. People can be swept off rocks and jetties and drown while observing high surf. Minor beach erosion may damage coastal properties and buildings. Higher than normal water run-up is expected on beaches and low-lying shoreline.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Minor tidal overflow flooding is most Fraser Road in Tillamook, and the runway at the Pacific City Airport during high tide early Tuesday. Unpredictable sneaker waves will also run far up onto the beaches, lifting or rolling large heavy water soaked logs which can lead to serious injury or death.



A Coastal Flood Advisory means that tidal overflow flooding is expected. Coastal residents in the warned area should be alert for rising water, and take appropriate action to protect life and property. A High Surf Advisory means that high surf will affect beaches, producing rip currents, sneaker waves and beach erosion. Stay well back from the water’s edge and be alert for exceptionally high waves. Keep away from large logs on the beach. Water running up on the beach can easily lift or roll logs which can injure or kill someone caught in their path.