Tillamook County Fair 2019 -Thursday Aug. 8th & Friday Aug. 9th


More Fair fun … pink chairs, roses, sheriffs on the slide, the stars of the show and more …
Thanks everyone for the photos! Keep ’em coming …
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View from here – Tillamook County Fair 2019 from the ferris wheel., Thursday August 8th. Photo by Jon Taylor

Pink chairs in the courtyard area? Seemed oddly out-of-place said photographer Katherine Patten

Tillamook County Sheriff Jim Horton and deputies enjoying fair fun.

Van Moe’s award-winning roses … photos by Joyce Moe.

Photo by Chrissie Vadnais

The “stars” of the Tillamook County Fair …

Photo by Chrissie Vadnais

Photo by Chrissie Vadnais
Photo by Chrissie Vadnais
Photos by Chrissie Vadnais