Tillamook County Provides Framework for Reopening Short-Term Rentals Beginning May 29th

On May 13, 2020 the Tillamook Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to begin reopening privately owned transient and short-term lodging May 29, 2020, in cooperation with several of the cities in the county. The reopening provides a framework for opening lodging gradually and responsibly with public health and safety as the priority. Among other things, the plan requires owners and managers of lodging establishments to provide adequate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), training and cleaning supplies for cleaning personnel, a minimum 24-hour turn around between occupancies to provide a safer environment for cleaning personnel and maintenance of a detailed guest log in order to facilitate contact tracing should an outbreak of COVID-19 occur.

The reopening plan was developed with invaluable input from Tillamook County lodging providers, to whom we are grateful for their support and their sacrifice for the health and welfare of the community we share.
For a complete list of requirements and recommendations see the board resolution HERE. This resolution applies to privately owned RV parks and campgrounds. All publicly owned campgrounds remain closed at this time.

Resolution 20-013 Transient Lodging Opening