Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office Awards First Ever Civilian Commendation Award to Brodie Cloud Today, August 19th

Today, August 16, 2022, Tillamook County Sheriff Joshua Brown presented the first ever Sheriff’s Civilian Commendation Award to Brodie Cloud for his actions in rendering aid and assistance to an injured bicyclist and two friends earlier this year.
At the time, Brodie was a senior at Tillamook High School and a member of TCSO’s Search and Rescue Team. Recently, Brodie was hired by TCSO to serve as a full-time Seasonal Marine Cadet. Although no longer a civilian, he was at the time of the incident. This presentation was postponed until now due to a delay in receiving the actual medal.
Family and friends were present to celebrate with Brodie, including parents Billy and Rachel Cloud. Billy Cloud has served as a Tillamook County Deputy for more than twenty years, and Brodie intends to follow in his dad’s footsteps.
Congratulations Brodie!

Brodie Cloud with his parents Rachel and Billy.

Text of the Sheriff’s Award for Civilian Commendation as Presented to Brodie Cloud:
On February 11th, 2022, Brodie was leaving Tillamook High School and heading towards his home for lunch. As he drove down Evergreen Dr., he noticed two females standing in the roadway looking at something on the ground. The vehicles ahead of him drove around the females and as he approached, he noticed a man lying on the ground tangled up with a bike.
Brodie stopped recognizing the situation as an emergency and offered help. It turns out the two ladies were on a walk while the man rode along side them. The man somehow bumped into one of the females and crashed his bike. He had hit the ground so hard he lost consciousness.
Brodie stayed with the group offering first aid as he was able until the ambulance arrived. Once the medics had departed the area with the man, Brodie loaded up the crashed bike into his pickup and then gave the two ladies a ride to their home.
Brodie recognized the situation as a serious medical emergency, took the time to stop and render aid and even made sure that the two females made it back to their home safely. His actions were caring, responsible, and selfless. This directly shows Brodie’s high character.
Brodie is also member of the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team and recently became a seasonal Marine Cadet for our office. I am especially proud to have young man with great morals and high character as part of our Sheriff’s Office family.
Thank you, Brodie, for being who you are and for the actions you took that day!