Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office, Multiple Agencies, Organizations Address Chronic Camp/Dump Site on Tillamook River Road

The Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office has received many messages and comments thanking us for taking action on an illegal camp/dumpsite on Tillamook River Road on August 17th. We want to be sure to mention that this was a combined community effort and that many people assisted. We worked closely with Chief Deputy District Attorney Jeremy Dietrich regarding specific laws, statutes and ordinances that were being violated with assurances that charges would be filed when action was taken.

Our County Commissioners offered to find ways to help reimburse some of the expenses incurred by TCSO in cleaning up the site. Menefee Towing removed the vehicles, Tillamook County Solid Waste removed hazardous materials and Tillamook County Public Works immediately cleaned up the site with only a moments notice. CARE Tillamook was there to assist a woman and her cats that were at the location, and Deputies from all of our divisions stepped up to assist.

Peter Henry Williams, 60, and Leo Patrick Waldron, 44, were both arrested on charges related to the illegal dumping and property damage.
“Recent legislation and case law has taken away many options we have and heavily limited our ability to take action in situations like these,” said Tillamook County Sheriff Joshua Brown. “We recognize and agree that empathy and compassion must be extended to those suffering homelessness, but we still have an obligation to the public to uphold applicable laws.
“Being affected by homelessness does not give one a license to break laws regarding illegal dumping, illegal parking, trespassing, offensive littering and environmental crimes. In this case multiple laws were being violated and multiple opportunities to comply were given to the individuals that were arrested.”
TCSO is aware that there are many sites such as this remaining in Tillamook County. Each one is being assessed regarding jurisdiction and possible violations of law to determine if any enforcement action can legally be taken.
Thank you for your continued support.