Tillamook County United Way Announces Partnership with Tillamook YMCA

Tillamook County Family YMCA (The Y) and Tillamook County United Way (TCUW) have formed a partnership with the goal of strengthening financial support for nonprofit programs serving neighbors around Tillamook County. The new partnership was formed after an exhaustive community-wide outreach process to identify a new way forward that would strengthen and continue the non-profit support mission that TCUW has upheld for more than 40 years in Tillamook County.

Going into this Fall’s campaign for 2020, TCUW will look and feel much the same as prior years, and will now benefit from vital staff support for campaign outreach activities. The Y has dedicated Jon Pennington, YMCA director of special projects and community engagement, to be the staff liaison for TCUW. In prior years, the small and busy TCUW board was stretched to manage both governance and the campaign with only a part-time contract bookkeeper.
In recognition of this staff support, a new fund allocation policy has been voted by the TCUW board. Of the undesignated funds received for 2020, fifty percent will be allocated to YMCA programs for direct service programming. The other 50% will be allocated by an allocation committee through an application process similar to years prior. Funds that are designated by donors to benefit specific organizations will continue to be directed to those organizations. Growing the impact of the Fall TCUW campaign and increasing future funding to community human service agencies is a top priority.
“We want to be transparent and make sure the public knows that part of the funds are going to the Y, but it is important to note that the funds will go to direct service costs, no overhead, administrative costs or anything like that,” according to Kaylan Sisco CEO and Executive Director of the Tillamook County YMCA. “The Y is in the business of helping people, and we want to help other non-profits who are doing great things for the people in our community as well. We have a robust infrastructure at the Y that can bolster the fundraising efforts for the community, so why not share our resources?”
The Y is one of the largest 501(c)3 charity non-profits in our community and has been a cornerstone in Tillamook since 1948. TCUW has been actively raising funds for community non-profits since 1976. Moving forward with this new partnership, the two organizations will seek ways to create greater positive impact to the community through relationships, grant opportunities and existing collaborations.
“Many thanks to the Tillamook YMCA for stepping up to the community leadership plate and leading Tillamook County United Way into the next chapter of serving neighbors all around Tillamook County. As this transition takes place, please join me in continuing to support our all-local TCUW through which we all can help make Tillamook County a better place to live and thrive.” –Melody Ayers, TCUW past president.
“I am honored to be entrusted with the position as Tillamook County United Way Board President. Growing up in Tillamook, I understand the history and value our community has placed on both TCUW and YMCA. Both organizations have a core mission to serve our community members in need. As Secretary of The YMCA Board of Directors, I feel the YMCA is in a solid position to help move TCUW into its next chapter. This new partnership is a prime example of how the people in our community will come together for the greater good. I am excited to explore all the possibilities this partnership brings!” –KaSandra Larson, TCUW president.