Tillamook County Women’s Resource Center – “Tides of Change” – New Name/Logo Announcement

The Tillamook County Women’s Resource Center is very excited to announce that effective August 1st, 2019 our agency will be called Tides of Change. The decision to change the name, mission, and logo has been a lengthy process for the last several years. The Board of Directors and staff worked together over the last year in the development of the new name and mission. Community partners and stakeholders as well as survivors provided input in throughout the process.

Our agency mission statement is to provide hope, safety and support to those impacted by gender based violence, and shift cultural norms through advocacy, education, and community collaboration. Tides of Change was chosen as a name that fits our community and is welcoming to all survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, stalking, and human trafficking. There has been no change to the critical services that are provided to survivors. For more information or to request new business cards and brochures, call Tides of Change at (503) 842-9486.