Tillamook Family Counseling Center National Suicide Prevention Month Activities

September has been dedicated as National Suicide Prevention Month. Each year, targeted programs and strategies are aimed at increasing our understanding of the many challenges and issues related to this public health concern.
During the month of September, Tillamook Family Counseling Center (TFCC) will be participating in this awareness month by helping to increase the community’s knowledge of suicide prevention resources and learn skills to assist in crisis situations. Throughout the month of September, TFCC will promote suicide prevention resources on the SOS Tillamook Facebook page. TFCC will provide community members with recommendations of helpful online suicide prevention resources.

On September 8th and September 24th, Tillamook Family Counseling Center will provide a virtual QPR training. This training gives participants the basics of three steps to assist individuals who are considering suicide – Question, Persuade and Refer. The virtual Question Persuade Refer(QPR) Gatekeeper training on September 8th, from 10:00 to 11:30 AM and September 24th from 10:00 to 11:30. The QPR Gatekeeper training is an community mental health intervention that was listed on SAMSHA’s National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices as an effective suicide prevention training. This training was designed to be beneficial for all adults, including: parents, teachers, employers, health staff, and hospitality staff. This training will be offered at no cost to the participant (registration for this training will be limited to 20 participants that reside or work in Tillamook County). If you would like to register for this virtual QPR training please contact Janeane Krongos at JaneaneK@TFCC.org or by calling (503)842-8201 Ext.270.
TFCC will also promote local and national crisis hotlines by distributing a limited number of giveaway bags that contain crisis hotline contact information.