Tillamook High School Charity Drive – Feb. 7th – 17th

It’s that time of year again … the ten days in February when you don’t have to cook any meals, there are unlimited opportunities to have your vehicle washed, and there are myriad of events and fun activities all for the Tillamook High School’s annual Charity Drive. From February 7th through February 17th, there are dozens of fundraisers, food and fun to be had throughout Tillamook, all organized and staffed by the THS Classes.

2020 Charity Drive Court
Freshmen: Princess Gabriella Garcia and Prince Toby Green
Sophomore: Princess Emma Taksdal and Prince Dillion Stein
Junior: Princess Hannah Nelson and Prince Joe Romero
Senior: Princess Karime Ramirez and Prince Ethan Miller

Here is the schedule of events: