Tillco Dems send letter to Rep. Schrader to urge support of legislation, put people before politics


NOTE: Tillamook County Democrats are speaking out about Congressman Kurt Schrader’s positions on the pending Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act bill and the Build Back Better Act budget reconciliation bill, both being voted on in Congress in the coming days and weeks. Rep. Schrader has expressed support for the Infrastructure bill, but has indicated his intention to vote against the Build Back Better budget reconciliation bill, citing the Medicare drug price negotiation provision in the bill as one of his major objections.
You are encouraged to write to Representative Schrader and let him know that he should put people before politics – email to Congressman.Schrader@mail.house.gov.

September 29, 2021
Dear Congressman Schrader,
The Tillamook County Democratic Central Committee (TillCoDems) is writing to you with an extreme sense of urgency regarding the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act bill and the Build Back Better Act reconciliation bill that Congress will be voting on this week and in coming weeks.
While we understand that the issues associated with the bills are many and complex, we do not feel that the programs funded in the bills indicate unnecessary spending. The bills address and defend the health and well-being of all Americans, our planet home, and our nation’s democracy and
require and deserve the proposed funding.
The bills address needs and actions that we as Democrats value, and we expect you to represent those values in Congress. Volunteers canvassed door-to-door on your behalf and assured voters that you would support our Democratic values and have a Democratic voice in Washington. For example, it is inconsistent with Democratic values that fellow citizens must make the painful choice between affording essential medication and affording food for their table.
This is a matter of conscience and your commitment to the people you represent and who you say are your priority: everyday working and retired Americans who are struggling to lead healthy, safe, and economically secure lives. It is not a matter of political concerns related to moneyed interests that would play a part in a re-election campaign or any fear related to being labeled a “tax and spend” Democrat. It’s a profound opportunity for you to be celebrated for courageously standing up for the needs and desires of your district’s citizens. You play an immensely critical role at this point in time and your supporting vote will speak loudly for and be remembered by your constituents of all political viewpoints.
The TillCoDems implore you to join with the majority of Democrats in the House in supporting all parts and voting in favor of both the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act bill and the Build Back Better Act reconciliation bill, to act now with courage and a compassionate and proud Democratic voice.
Tillamook County Democratic Central Committee