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Tim Hall is running for reelection to continue as Mayor of Garibaldi

By Cara Mico, Assistant Editor
Tim Hall is running for reelection to the office of Mayor of Garibaldi. His key priorities are ensuring that the city doesn’t lose its charter by submitting an audit to the state, facilitating an $11 million grant funded highway repaving project between 1st and 12th, and ensuring transparency in the public process.

Mr. Hall’s experience in public administration comes from his time in Los Angeles and Portland where he worked as the Director of Public Affairs, and the Director of Regional Communications. He moved to Garibaldi from Portland with his wife in 2016 and joined the council shortly thereafter.

“I’m a strategic planner at heart,” Mr. Hall said of his initial reason for joining the council.

The specific moment when he decided to run was at a particular council meeting where rezoning was discussed for Acacia and Birch, which would significantly change the character of the town. The topic was raised under the guise of the state obligating the city to make the change but when Mr. Hall pressed the issue, this turned out to be false. The details are part of a broader discussion around the issue of public transparency and participation that will be discussed in a follow up article.

In addition to prioritizing transparency and accuracy of city reporting, he also facilitated the installation of smart water meters that can help save homeowners money by identifying leaks early, a $361,000 grant he helped secure with staff assistance.

Other tasks that Mr. Hall would prioritize if reelected include implementing better invoice tracking and reporting, ensuring a stable budget with a healthy general fund, and working with the fire department to establish a regional fire district.