TPUD Response: Vegetation Management Crew Given Permission to Proceed with Best Option

By Joanna Stelzig, TPUD Public Relations Manager
It is Tillamook PUD’s responsibility to provide our customers and community with safe and reliable electricity. Along with continual system maintenance and upgrades, our extensive vegetation management program is a key component in our ability to do this.

Our vegetation management crew works to maintain and trim approximately 200 line miles a year. They adhere to all applicable State and Federal regulations, which include strict minimum clearances around electrical equipment to ensure public safety. The work they performed on August 16, 2022, at this residence is not out of their ordinary scope of work, this is work they do every day across the service territory. Before any work was started, the Tillamook PUD Tree Trimming Foreman talked with an individual at the residence regarding the safety concerns caused by this tree. During this discussion, the Foreman explained that the tree could be trimmed or removed. This individual at the residence authorized the tree crew to proceed with the option they felt would be best. After the tree was removed, the same individual came out from the residence and told the Foreman good job.

Our crew was truly unaware that removing the tree was an issue given the conversation that transpired with the homeowner before and after the tree was removed.