Tragedy at Falcon Cove: Community Vigil at Hoffman Center January 15th

By Carolyn Maizel, for the Pioneer
The room was packed, with several news crews on site filming and taking photos. The expression most used for the night (quoted from the Pioneer) was “holding space” with the community to recognize what happen and allow people to unabashedly grieve together.
The poem “The Heart is Right to Cry” by Hazif was read, and seemed to reflect the mood.
The Heart is right to cry
Even when the smallest drop of light,
Of love,
Is taken away.
Perhaps you may kick, moan, scream
In a dignified
But you are so right
To do so in any fashion
Until God returns

Claudia Johnson, who lead the vigil, when asked about why they held the event said, “We are hurting and we could either ignore that this happened, or get together and recognize it. We all needed to get together and hug.”
The event came from the Hoffman Center’s group “the Art and Death of Dying.” Amazingly, the event was planned just this Monday, January 13th. After it was announced, it got a large response from the press. Dave Dillon pretty much handled all the logistics to make the vigil happen.
“None of us know these people and yet here we are…needing more chairs at the Hoffman Center.” People were really emotionally affected by this, and there was a lot of crying (me too).
Claudia stressed the importance of heeding severe ocean warnings, and that the time now is for compassion in the face of this great tragedy.
“>Click here is the Pioneer’s video of the vigil: