Tuna boats arrive today, August 20 at Port of Garibaldi; Oregon Tuna Classic in Progress this weekend

What we’ve all been waiting for – tuna season is here. Fishing boats will arrive after being out to sea with their cargo holds full. Catch your share of tuna starting tomorrow at Port of Garibaldi and other fishing ports on Oregon’s north coast before captains steer back to the ocean.

The Oregon Coast is one of the premier seafood centers of the U.S., and the catch from our part of the Pacific Ocean has many international customers. That’s why now is the time to stock up on tuna before the season ends.

This weekend is the 17th Annual Oregon Tuna Classic!
“The mission of the Oregon Tuna Classic (OTC) is to provide a forum for fishermen to have a little friendly competition, catch albacore and donate it to the local food bank” as stated on their website.
GOOD LUCK to all the participants in this years tournament!
Thank you to all involved including the local community!
For more information, visit their Facebook page or their website. https://www.oregontunaclassic.org/

For updated information, including arrival of tuna boats, follow Port of Garibaldi Facebook page.
Saturday, August 20th – Sunday, August 21st
F/V W.B. will be selling off the vessel on slip A-04
$4 lb. whole
Tuna can also be purchased from the following local businesses
The Garibaldi Cannery (503) 322-3344
The Spot (503) 322-0080