UPDATE ON CARTM’s STATUS: Prepares for Closure Sept. 30th


(Source: CARTM & The Refindery Facebook Page 8/30/18)
For twenty years, CARTM managed the Manzanita transfer station under a franchise agreement with Tillamook County. The County owns the land and the buildings. Last spring, County officials determined that a franchise was no longer the appropriate type of agreement for transfer station operations, and took steps to change to a contract agreement. CARTM agreed to this framework. The County requires a competitive bid process for all new contracts, and in early July issued a request for proposals (RFP).

CARTM and Recology Western Oregon submitted bids for the contract. CARTM’s bid was for less money than Recology’s, and was scored higher on the RFP’s criteria by the reviewing committee. However, both bids exceed the County’s budget for the transfer station and County staff recommended rejecting both bids. Based on this recommendation, the Board of Commissioners rejected both bids.
Here is a link to the County’s staff recommendation:
CARTM’s agreement with the County expires on September 30. After that date, CARTM lacks the authority and funding to continue operating the transfer station. This morning CARTM’s board of directors and managers met with staff to explain the situation and answer their questions.
During September CARTM will continue to serve north county while also preparing to close. Carrying out this process will require hard decisions, some of them painful, by CARTM board members and management.
The board’s first hard decision was to cancel the Trashion Show & Upcycle Party scheduled for October 6. Sponsorships and tickets will be refunded in the coming days.
We promise to keep you informed as we work with the County on an orderly exit. We ask for your patience, understanding and support in this transition.
We are very grateful for your for your partnership over the last 20+ years as we have worked together toward a sustainable, zero-waste North County. Thank you.
~ The CARTM Board of Directors