Update on Edge Cable Holdings Fiber-optic Cable Project in Tierra Del Mar


In August 2020, the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) notified Edge Cable Holdings LLC of actions needed to comply with the terms of their communications cable easement agreement. Abandonment of equipment following a drill pipe break resulted in Edge Cable effectively storing equipment under the Oregon seafloor, which was not allowed under their easement agreement.

DSL and Edge Cable have agreed on an amendment to the easement agreement. The amendment includes:

  • A $250,000 payment to DSL
  • Increasing the required surety bond from $20,000 to $100,000
  • Notice requirements for any future breaks or accidents
  • Providing DSL with plans for drill break avoidance and response, and a cable construction plan

Edge Cable is also required to submit an environmental assessment to DSL. The assessment, a hazard analysis, has been received by DSL but has not yet been accepted as final, pending independent review.

The easement amendment, draft plans for drill break avoidance and response, a draft cable construction plan, and the hazard analysis are available for download via Dropbox here.

Additionally, Edge Cable intends to submit an application for an encroachment easement. An encroachment easement would allow the abandoned equipment to remain beneath the seafloor. When received, the application will be reviewed by DSL staff for completeness. If the application is determined to be complete, it will be circulated for review and comment.

Clarification Regarding Drilling Fluid Composition
The abandoned drilling fluid was originally reported to DSL as containing Bore-Gel, Quick-Bore and Pac-LE. The hazard analysis provided the specific composition of the drilling fluid, which contained Super Gel-X, Wyo-Vis DP, Platinum D-D, Sand Force and Soda Ash. Read the hazard analysis.