UPDATE: Tillamook County Courthouse Closure Continues through Fri. Nov. 15

The County has received the results of the air testing conducted at the County courthouse by Alpha Environmental Services, Inc. of Beaverton, Oregon.
The air testing results document levels of particulates in office spaces located in the top floor of the County courthouse that are above the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended levels. Particulates can induce eye, nose, and throat irritation and respiratory infections.

The results are inconclusive as to the origin, but County officials have reason to believe the presence of the odor originated from recent roofing repairs. Fumes presumably entered the office spaces through an HVAC system on the roof that services those spaces.
The odor has dissipated, but the particulates remain. In collaboration with the Tillamook Fire District, Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office, and Alpha Environmental, the County is taking all necessary precautions and following the recommended steps to ensure the courthouse is safe before reopening.
The courthouse will remain closed through Friday, November 15. The continued closure will allow for extensive HVAC and office space cleaning, which began this morning.
The County anticipates reopening the courthouse on Monday, November 18. An update will be released on Friday.
We appreciate the patience and understanding of our employees and citizens while we ensure the courthouse is safe for business.