Vintage By The Bay Retro Riches & Vintage Market Opens In Bay City Location

By Robin Swain
The new location for Vintage By The Bay, in Bay City, has owners Kim Carr and Mark Sprenger very excited. “We have so much more room to spread out,” Kim stated. Mark added, “We have a much better flow and accessibility, as well.” And a view of Tillamook Bay – settling into the space just off Hwy. 101 at 5th Street.
Vintage By The Bay is a co-op of vendors with an eclectic offering of collectibles, retro, vintage, old and new. Mark says, “I like to find furniture I can refurbish and reimagine giving it a new life for its next chapter.” Kim had a treasure hunters gleam in her eye as she spoke, “I love the hunt. So many times, I wish I could keep what I find. Like the quilts, knowing they will go on someone else’s bed and its story continues.”

Vintage By The Bay owners, Mark Sprenger and Kim Carr

The collective includes, Tammy Palen, Jennifer Hauth, Julie Steinbeck, Mimi Redfield, Quynessa Kauffman, Sue Phillips, Jean Deuker, Dawn Wellenbrink, Janie Taylor and Betsy Rose.
Both Mark and Kim said they enjoy people wandering through, reminiscing over items they recall their grandparents having. They enjoy the younger people who have gained an appreciation for what they had “back then” and are on the hunt to bring those things back into their homes. Others just like that funky retro vibe. “We are always learning, buying and sharing.”

Vintage By The Bay is open Monday to Friday 11am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm. Follow them on Facebook @VintageByTheBay for special events and more.