Vote for Change

In a democracy, we citizens have the right to ask questions, receive clear honest answers, then make our voting choices. We deserve transparency in council decision making, opportunity for more public input and open communications before impactful decisions are finalized. Important topics (ie: short term rentals, build of new city hall) need ongoing discussion and planning with full time Manzanita residents, those impacted the most.
As a 30 year full time resident, I’m thrilled to have choices in the upcoming election. The majority of our past elections have been uncontested, one box to check.

This election I am making a choice, I’m voting for change…new ideas, outlooks and experiences. I’m voting for Scott Galvin, Jerry Spegman and Randy Kugler because I think they have the ability and energy to lead our community in a positive direction. 2020 has been a difficult year for us all…let 2021 be the year to rebuild community connection and move forward.
Before you make your voting choices, educate yourself about the candidates…talk with them, read their policies, understand their qualifications for these important jobs…ignore the negative comments from others and make your own decisions…it is your citizen right!
Donna Miller

“The most important office, the one that most of us can, and should fill, is that of private citizen” (Louis Brandeis)