Vote for David McCall for Tillamook County Commission Position #2

While there is a lot riding on the national elections in November, we also have pressing issues here at home and an important election in May. I’m working to ensure that a majority of the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners takes North County concerns into account for a change.

Commissioner Yamamoto did not listen to the citizens of North County about CARTM, throwing 14 people out of work and depriving us of a community gathering place and resource for retaining used goods locally. He voted to defund the library. He prioritizes the concerns of timber companies over the worries of citizens whose watershed is being sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. Yamamoto refuses to allow Tillamook County to lead on climate change mitigation. And he didn’t listen to the citizens of Tierra Del Mar who did not want Facebook drilling for an undersea cable in the middle of a residential neighborhood.
We need a commissioner who listens. Dave McCall understands and supports the value of community service organizations. We need real attention to environmental concerns and more than lip service on sustainable tourism and affordable housing. Dave McCall has the experience and temperament to move Tillamook County forward. He is unafraid of innovation and makes data-driven decisions after taking all perspectives into account. He is not cowed by the Chamber of Commerce.
I worked with Dave McCall very closely as the county’s solid waste program director when I was executive director of CARTM. Dave really understands the need to innovate sustainable programs to mitigate the downside of inevitable growth. He has the rare head for business plus a heart for community building. As a county employee now, he has already established working relationships with county department managers. Dave McCall has my vote, and I encourage you to consider pledging yours as well.

Karen Reddick Yurka