We Tillamook County citizens, have an opportunity to energize our future when we elect a new commissioner. Many of the issues we face have grown over a number of years. It is incumbent on us as voters, to elect candidates most capable of slowing, and hopefully, stopping age-old problems, while creating new opportunities for many years to come.
I believe David McCall is the best person to be our new County Commissioner. He knows the key issues: lack of affordable workforce housing, the need for economic development, the conflicts between our natural resource industries and the environment, and our safety in everyday matters and natural disasters. Better yet, he has ideas and the skills to bring the right people together to expand ideas into innovative, but practical solutions for us. He is a problem solver and will create problem solvers. He will lobby on our behalf and elevate our position at the state level with knowledge, experience, and passion.

As we endure this campaign period, we hear a lot of sound bites. Our job is to figure out who will translate a few key words into the real work of solving our problems. I believe David can. His experience as a business owner and current position as the County’s Solid Waste Manager and Bay City Councilor prepares him for immediate and positive impact.
I can see that David walks his talk. He spends his money at local businesses and has introduced me to people up, down, and across the county. He strives to understand issues and impacts on all stakeholders and believes the best answer lies in finding the balance. I’m struck by his knowledge of the county structure and his enthusiasm for driving improvements on behalf of the employees and the citizens they serve. He will be an effective member of the commission from day one.
I can tell that David cares about this County: the people, economic vitality, natural resources, and history. I can also tell that he wants to make it better. It’s how he does things. I hope you’ll join me and vote for David McCall!

Debbie Moberly