Vote Tiffiny Mitchell for State Representative to Expand Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

As a long time visitor to and six-year resident of the Oregon Coast, I have seen this community change over the years. Substance abuse has always been an issue in this area and our mental health services are constrained by underfunding. The children and youth of our community deserve to grow up in a healthy environment free of drug abuse.

I believe Tiffiny Mitchell will work to support the change needed to improve the lives of our youth. She is a tireless champion and has the energy, creativity, and undaunted courage to fight hard to make sure our communities have the support of the state in addressing these fundamental issues. In our conversations, she has said we need to address these issues with compassion, sympathy and an understanding that these people are sick and need treatment.

Tiffiny knows that we need to look at substance abuse and mental health as two sides of the same coin. Tiffiny knows we need to make sure Salem has the political will to protect our most vulnerable community members. Tiffiny will fight tirelessly to get us the funding for the services we need.

I’m voting for Tiffiny Mitchell in this upcoming Democratic primary for House District 32 and I encourage you to join me.

Madeline Olson
Manzanita, Oregon