Vote Yes for Incorporation of Oceanside

I am writing in favor of a Yes Vote for incorporation of Oceanside.

My wife and I have owned a lot in Oceanside for 12+ years. I have always had a positive “vibe” when entering Oceanside since moving from San Diego 30+ years ago to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and visiting the vibrant, Oregon Coast towns, each with its unique style.

Our buildable lot is off Grand Avenue, Oceanside. Each time I have taken that route to our lot, I am dismayed by the long term, condition of this road. At one time the road was asphalted but for at least 10 plus years, has had many pot holes of major proportions that my car bottoms out when I can not drive around the enormous holes.

As stated, this road maintenance of Grand Avenue has been had major potholes for years and have commented to my wife, many times, “Why doesn’t the County repair these long standing potholes with my tax dollars paid on our lot?”

For our small coastal community, I look forward to contacting my Oceanside neighbors who are governing the future of Oceanside and asking for a repair of our road to at least minimal standards. And since they will be local, I am sure the local government will be very receptive to this issue and other issues affecting the local community.

Vote Yes for incorporation so local individuals are in control of our tax dollars, spent within Oceanside.

Mike & Rita Mahaffa