Dear Editor,
I encourage voters to vote yes to renew NCRD’s Local 5 year Option Tax Levy this November. This levy supports the highly successful programs NCRD has to offer everyone. The annual program visits are as follows: Aquatics 34,272, Fitness 16,894, Youth and Sports 8,396, and Activities-Adult 2,116. These numbers speak for themselves — the community breathes and lives well by NCRD! The beautiful Performing Art Center has brought us quality entertainment and is a cornerstone of pride in our community!

The local Option Tax rate is the same rate as the last 10 years — no increase. This equates to no increase in your taxes. The continuance of this Option tax enables NCRD to operate in a sound, fiscally responsible manner.
North County truly benefits from the mission of NCRD — “promote the education, recreational, social and physical well-being of our community.” A noble and vital mission!
Please vote yes on NCRD Option Tax Renewal this November 6th.
Mary Gallagher, Nehalem