Voters Turn Down City of Manzanita Bond Measure to Build New Facilities

Unofficial results show that City of Manzanita bond measure (29-159) was not approved by voters on November 5, 2019.
According to the Tillamook County Elections Division, preliminary results indicate that of the 417 (77.94%) votes cast in the $6.5 million bond measure election, 284 (68.43%) voted against and 131 (31.57%) voted for the measure. The election results will be officially certified by the City Council at the December Council meeting.

“Thank you to everyone who voted. Lack of funding will not allow the project to proceed at this time. As the City continues to address the needs for new facilities, we will look for compromise and common ground, working together with the community to find a solution so we can eventually built a great facility for Manzanita”, said Mike Scott, Manzanita Mayor.