Welcome to Pioneer “Tid-Bits” … Video Digest – News You Can Use – Every Day

By Laura Swanson

How do you get your news – local, regional, national, world? For most of us, it’s certainly not the way we used to even just a few years ago, as media usage and habits are rapidly changing. Sitting on the upper left edge of the continent, we can be more isolated (or insulated) from happenings in other places, but with today’s 24/7 news cycle, and multiple ways to get news, distrust of the media from so many errors, false reports and inaccuracies, many people have “opted out.” The Tillamook County Pioneer strives to be that trusted news and information resource for Tillamook County, through our online website, social media (Facebook and now Instagram), our daily email newsletter* and now video.

Recognizing that there are multiple ways to deliver the news, and keeping with our pioneering spirit, here’s the first “Tid-Bits” – part podcast, “vlog” – another way to get highlights of the news and happenings in Tillamook County. Watch for weekly Tid-Bits. The top stories and information you can use to live your best life here in Tillamook County.

If you have story ideas, please email to editor@tillamookcountypioneer.net.

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