Wheeler Supports Preparedness!

According to attendees, Wheeler’s First Annual Community Picnic on Saturday, July 6th, was a BIG success. More than a hundred local residents, kids, dogs and volunteers gathered in Wheeler’s Upper Park to greet neighbors old and new. Sponsored by a group associated with the Prepare Your Neighborhood program of EVCNB (Emergency Volunteer Corp of Nehalem Bay), the Picnic exceeded their goals for participation and helped raised awareness – getting precious information to households, supporting families in doing easy (even fun) things to become more prepared for any emergency.

EVCNB President Linda Kozlowski says, “This was a terrific event to help neighbors know each other better. The recent fire and earthquake events in California make all of us ask, ‘What would MY neighborhood do if all of us were in the same emergency?’ Picnickers were able to learn more about the important, but limited, ways that their City and County might be able to help – and what public agencies can NOT do. Individuals need to do small but very important things to respond effectively. Just knowing your neighbors and having some food and water set aside can really help!”

Attendees gathered under warm skies to enjoy the world-class views, hot dogs, games and globally renowned Tillamook Ice Cream bars. Local EVCNB organizer, Paul Knight, said, “We are so grateful for the support shown by local and area businesses. The Tillamook County Creamery Association was particularly generous and helpful. ‘It takes a village’ isn’t just important for survival in a major disaster. It works for community picnics, too!” laughs Knight. “Nearly every business in Wheeler offered terrific prizes for our drawings.”
Wheeler Mayor, Stevie Burden, was also thrilled. “This was a great community event. I’d love to see more events like this one throughout the entire county. Just knowing one another can help communities thrive in new ways that benefit everyone. Awesome ice cream, too!”
“Next time we’ll prepare for twice as many people! It was really fun seeing neighbors connect,” says Knight. “We want future events like this one to be something that everyone looks forward to!”
If you’d like more information about how to prepare your family, yourself and your neighborhood, visit the EVCNB website at : http://evcnb.org or contact: Paul.knight@evcnb.org or 503-730-2421.