Where’s My Day of Thanks?

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It seems that “Christmas came early this year” even before Halloween we were assaulted with Christmas decor and more in all the stores.  I agree with Gus – let’s focus on all we have to be thankful for.

By Gus Meyer

I look at the calendar and realize there’s no listing for a day of Thanks.

Then I go shopping and find recognition of Thankfulness lacking.

While I’m a man of values, I am dismayed by the lack of Thanks for life’s values.

My life values employ the societal realization of Thankful life in America.

  • A long life of peace and joyous livability
  • Dedicated respect to our Constitution brought forth by leadership principals.
  • Respect for the recognized organizational structure of America.
  • Dedication to the freedoms of choice.
  • Mutual respect for the multitude of American’s working for their thankful values.
  • The many volunteers assisting all forms of life on earth.
  • A stable, well managed, economic financial system.
  • Appreciation for the availability of healthy foods virtually year round.
  • Ever advancing emergency services with healthy services, and hospitalization.
  • The deepened values for transportation modes and all those making this possible.
  • Recognition of expanding and advancement of educational levels.
  • The availability of real scientists leading technological and science advances.
  • Rapid implementation and deployment of new technological products.
  • Communications as availed and expanding for life on earth, the world, and space.
  • Rapid and personal updating by the many means of communication.
  • The values of our natural resources environmentally with economic realizations.
  • Furthering science, growth development, and best uses of our many ocean waters.
  • Deep appreciation for all utilities with their support technicians.
  • The current use of fossil fuels for transportation, heating; a plethora of other uses.
  • Sustainability of life values with present and new electrical generation means.
  • The freedom and ability for personal ownership at any supportable level of living.
  • The ability for personal life growth through educational advancements and experiences.
  • Expectation of participating with America’s governments in laws of the land.
  • The many joys and realizations of family enjoyment and growth supporting America.
  • The ability to purchase desirables from large malls down to small businesses.
  • The many choices of recreational reliefs and joys from life’s committed routines.
  • The freedom of choice relating to religious values, their growth and education thereof.
  • To participate in the form of government by vote choice.
  • The participation in planning community livability standards.
  • And the many, many other intricacies of life in America.

So you see: Those whom can scrub the day of Thanks from my views don’t deter me. Giving thanks provides for a formidable future.

I will always celebrate my day of Thanks. Please join me!