Who is really in your bubble? Freeze ends Dec. 2nd, Counties enter “risk level” framework; Tillamook County currently “lower risk”

Many people have chosen to form social bubbles to keep social contact during the pandemic. While social bubbles can help lessen the risk of spreading COVID-19, they can also give people a false sense of safety. It’s still safest to limit socializing to the people you live with. If you do choose to gather with another household, consider the risks involved.   

To understand what your actual risk of COVID-19 exposure is, it’s a good idea to take the time to consider what interactions each bubble member might have outside of the bubble. Consider this example: Ellen thinks her bubble merely includes her brother Greg and her friend Geneva. But Greg attended a birthday gathering with three other people over the weekend and had an in-person work meeting with a colleague. So Ellen’s potential exposure is wider than she thought.

Right now, COVID-19 is surging and threatening hospital capacity in Oregon, but we can still flatten the curve if we stay home, wear a face covering when we go out, and maintain physical distance of at least six feet from people we don’t live with. Please help keep people in Oregon healthy and safe this holiday season.

[circles intersecting with people in them]

Rent moratorium continues through Dec. 31

This winter, coming up with rent is harder than usual for many people. We want to remind you that the rent moratorium continues through the end of 2020. This means that your landlord cannot evict tenants, or even threaten to evict, for not paying rent, utilities and fees through Dec. 31, 2020. The Community Alliance of Tenants has more information on the protections that the moratorium provides to renters and 211info can refer you to rent resources and answer questions you may have regarding rent.  

New framework for counties will go into effect Dec. 3

The new framework has four risk levels based on counties’ current COVID-19 spread, to take effect after the “freeze” ends on Dec. 2

Tillamook County is currently a “lower risk” county (1 of only 5 counties.)

OHACountyRiskTable11.25 This table has detailed information about activities, etc. in each risk level.





The graphic below for counties in the “extreme risk” category has been updated and reflects a change in the faith venue guidance. More information will be posted to coronavirus.oregon.gov prior to Dec. 3. 

[table with risk levels]