Why shoot the messenger?

Our two senators and our Congressman in Washington, DC, visit the Tillamook area and interact with us, their constituents, once or twice a year.
Our county commissioners decided not to try having meetings in the evenings, or in other parts of the county, but we can drive to listen to them every week.

I live in Tiffiny Mitchell’s district. I know of several town halls she has had throughout the district since she was sworn in ten months ago. Since the legislative session has been over, I’ve seen her at various events in different parts of Tillamook County. She has politely answered questions – some of them over and over again, at different forums, sometimes from the same people. I was not pleased with every vote she took, but she responded positively to constructive criticism that I sent her. Yes, she has responded.
Each district is represented not only by a house member, but also a senator. I do not agree with every vote my senator took either, nor with every stance she has taken on issues. I can count on one finger the number of forums I know of in which she came and spoke to the public this year.
These interactions with our elected representatives troubles me. We are quick to criticize those few who really try to make an effort to reach out to their constituents, but we say nothing about those who choose not to interact with us.
We, the constituents, appear to be satisfied with the lack of interaction displayed by most of our elected leaders, who represent us. But the one representative who has done by far the best job of trying to interact with her constituents is rewarded with a recall petition.
Is anyone else bothered by this?

David McCall
Bay City