Wildfire Awareness Reminder – Only YOU can prevent forest fires …

As the public is heading to the forest for the Holiday weekend, Oregon Department of Forestry wants to remind everyone we are in High Fire Danger and ODF is asking for your help.

The forests are very dry and fires can start very easily.

Remember –
• Fireworks are prohibited in the forest;
• Campfires are prohibited except in campgrounds and designated dispersed campsites. BBQ’s and briquettes are prohibited.
• Smoking is prohibited while in the forests
• Exploding targets, tracer rounds, and sky lanterns are prohibited

The forests are in Regulated Use, which means ALL vehicles traveling in the forest must carry a shovel and, at least one gallon of water or a 2.5 pound fire extinguisher. There are additional restrictions posted at the forest access roads.

Please do your part to prevent wildfires.

Contact the Oregon Department of Forestry or your Local Fire Department for more information regarding fire restrictions.

Thank you.