Words from the Y: April is ‘Support our Y’ Month

By Kaylan Sisco, Executive Director
While my recently developed call sign is “Kaylan from the Y” I am overjoyed to share that title with so many other people. More than 4,000 community members can claim they are from the Y. We are embracing that idea for the month of April, since April is Support Our Y month.

Every year at this time I sit back and take a deep breath; I say to myself “Fundraising season is starting.” I don’t take a deep breath out of worry, or anxiousness, I take a deep breath to prepare myself for the overwhelming feeling of inspiration that comes with watching something I am passionate about be selflessly supported by so many. Our Support Our Y Campaign, often referred to as the “SOY Campaign” is our second largest fundraiser of the Year, raising roughly $80,000 to offset the program and membership scholarships the Y provides to those who need it to access the Y. This year if we meet our $80,000 goal, we have a “friend” willing to give us an additional $10,000! For a local charity to receive $90,000 is a game changer!
Your efforts to help our fellow community members is what makes the Y a charity. Without our charitable status, we would not be able to gain the hundreds of thousands of grant and foundation dollars that we utilize to make the Y what it is. The entire recent upgrades of the roof, siding, and windows was all grant funding. We would have never been able to make those upgrades so easily if we were not a 501c3 charity.
This year we are getting creative with our fundraising. Reviving an old classic of a “Jail & Bail” to get folks having some fun for a good cause. We also have volunteers hitting their phones and address books reaching out to you for help. However, you don’t have to wait for someone to call you, you can donate at any time. Stop by the Y or donate online at Tillamookymca.org/give. Thank you for supporting the Y for over 70 years!