Celebrate Civil Rights: Sign the “Civility Pledge”

By Barbara McLaughlin, for the Pioneer
For the past 3 years, The Love Coalition has hosted events on Martin Luther King weekend to celebrate his legacy of love and justice. With the organizations’s intrepid leader, LaNicia Duke, in Utah, there are no events planned this year. Instead, on this day that celebrates the Civil Rights work of Martin Luther King, we invite you to remember our rights for Civility by making a personal Civility Pledge.

This Pledge is about your own vow to treat others with respect, even and especially with those with whom you disagree. We all have the right to our truth and to be who we are and with that the Love Coalition members believe we have the responsibility to allow others to have their truth as well. It is ok to disagree, and it is not ok to judge others harshly in our thoughts, words or actions because they are different than us.
We encourage and strive for understanding, love and tolerance. Let us strive to keep the pledge from this day forward and throughout the coming years, though challenging it may be.

Please join us.

Here is a link to the Tillamook County Pioneer’s “Civility Pledge” page where you can “sign” the pledge. Periodically, the Pioneer will be providing updates on numbers of signers, first names and where they are from. Or you can do this privately. We sincerely hope you are willing to make The Pledge. And feel free to pass this on to whomever—we want to spread it far and wide!
Questions? barbaraandchuck@nehalemtel.net