ENERGY HEALING: Meditation, Breathing, Grounding, Yoga & More – Fill the community with light, love (Two-part Series – 2 of 2)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s part two of the series – Christy Kay share more ideas about how to change the energy vibration and spread the love. These are simple, easy things we all can do to help improve our own energy and provide healing to our community.

By Christy Kay, Cosmic Healing NW
A good practice to help raise your frequency is meditation, or contemplation. Yes, you can do these things, with just a little practice. There are many guided meditations available to help you, or classes or groups that meet online or even in person. Prayer has also been shown to increase the power of your energy field, especially if in a group. Practicing Gratitude is also a great way to shift your frequency. Sit down right now and write some things you are grateful for – from the small things like the sunshine on your face, to the big things like the support of your family and friends. There is always something to be grateful for, and when you are in the frequency of gratitude, you attract more things to be grateful for.

Just start with some deep intentional breathing. Set a timer for once every hour, and when it goes off, pay attention to your breath. Are you breathing? Be consciously aware of the rise and fall of your chest, the movement of your belly. Relax your muscles and surrender to the moment you’re in. Try the box breath which is recommended for calming anxiety. It’s something you can do anytime or anywhere. Inhale to the count of 4, hold that breath in your lungs to the count of 4, exhale to the count of 4, and then hold that exhalation to the count of 4 – and repeat and repeat and repeat – until you feel your mind, and body relax.
Another practice that is very beneficial is grounding, or earthing. This is as simple as spending time in nature, especially with your bare feet on the ground. Earth has its own frequency, and it closely matches the frequency of the human heartbeat. When you spend time in nature, it is literally a reset button for your being. Your body will entrain itself to the frequency of earth and activate your heart. When you are connected to earth, you can’t help but feel supported. Make time for yourself to be in nature, grounding your energy to Mother Earth. Imagine releasing that anger and frustration into the ground by visualizing the energy flowing down and out the bottoms of your feet. So go put your bare feet on the ground, or in a moving body of water like in a river or ocean, hug a tree (for real!), smell flowers, feel and listen to the wind, let the sun hit your face, dance in the rain. All these things will shift your energy to a healthier frequency. GO OUTSIDE.
If those ideas don’t work for you, another go-to, is to move your body. Physical movement has been shown in studies to be a leading piece of therapy for trauma healing. Put on some music that moves you and dance! When you dance it allows your body to release some of the tension or heavy feelings it has been holding onto. Don’t worry about how you’re moving, there is no perfect way to dance, the only thing that matters is the movement – allow your body to move in whatever way it wants to, attaching your breath to the movement. It also helps to practice some yoga or QiGong or other meditative movement – again, there are thousands of video tutorials online to help guide you. Simply taking a walk is enough sometimes. MOVE!
Crying and sobbing are also recommended to help release the stagnant heavy energies of the dark emotions we are all carrying. Have you ever had a breakdown, like an uncontrollable gut-wrenching release of emotions? You felt better afterwards, right? That is because you released the energies that were so low frequency that they got stuck in your energy body and they were weighing you down, most likely causing illness. Allow yourself the space, alone from others, to release these emotions – it is important for your health on many levels. If you can’t cry, journal your thoughts, or scream, or find some way to let it all out – paint or create something – these things also help to release those stuck energies.
Repeat healthy affirmations out loud – actually create a vibration of your own that radiates out from your throat. “I am safe, I am abundant health, I am perfect in this moment, I am filled with love, I am peace” are all great affirmations that help calm your overstimulated nervous system, especially if you look in a mirror while saying them. Singing is another way to create your own healthy vibration. Even better, laughter! Watch a funny movie, sit with friends and talk about things that bring you joy, bring more lighthearted play into your day.

Lastly, another good way to help raise your energy levels is simple. Water! Water makes up over 70% of our bodies. When your body is well hydrated, you just feel better. Take a salt bath or shower if possible. This helps detoxify and recalibrate your energy field. Sit by water, a river or ocean or lake- listen to the waves, the running water. It is calming and soothing to the nervous system. Drink lots of water, lots! It will help clear out any toxins and is also a conductor so will help boost your energy. Another way of caring for your body is to eat some raw fruits and veggies, these are high vibration, and filled with water. Drink teas like chamomile, tulsi, astragalus, thyme, nettle and lavender, as these will help your body adapt to stress and calm the nervous system. A healthy body allows for a healthy mind, emotional body, and spiritual connection.
So please, don’t get stuck in the loop of despair. Yes, times are tough, and the collective grief is debilitating and, often times, traumatizing. I am not saying that these feelings aren’t legitimate, they truly are, but you can help yourself through it. Allow yourself and others grace and compassion as you move through this time of heightened emotions. We are all doing the best we can with the tools we have. Hopefully, now you have more tools. It may feel like you are moving against the current, and in some ways, you are. Setting intentions, and taking action steps, to elevate yourself from the downward spiral of hopelessness is how you change the current reality. When you are vibrating from a higher plane of frequency it is contagious. Stay in your own lane, and do what you need to, to help yourself. This is not a selfish act. You are essentially helping others when the frequency you put out in the world is one of hope, love, and compassion – it is an act of healing the collective. As more and more people start to do this, it will create a ripple that flows through the whole world – it’s science!
I love you! You are amazing and beautiful. Be a light and shine bright. If you need help to get started, please contact me. Christy@ or (503) 800-1092

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