Help the Waldrons Re-build Their Barn – UPDATE 8/20/22

Please help if you can as Lance and Tammi work to re-build their barn after a fire destroyed it in July.

Update from Tammi (8/20/22)
Wow! Many thanks to everyone in the community! We are certainly grateful and a bit bewildered at the support we have received.
The farm is still plugging away. Fortunately this time of year we don’t need to worry about where to put the hay, although the approaching rainy season is definitely on our minds. So far, we have cleared the debris, which included approximately 15 dump truck loads of ruined hay, silage, hay and wood and about 5-6 giant loads of metal (27,760 lbs) to recycling. A special thanks to the local fire departments, our neighbors Mel and Will McDonald and Ryan Vandecoevering with Advanced Excavation for bringing their heavy equipment to make the junk heaps disappear. Now we’re (mostly Lance) working on prep for the foundation of the new building, which will be a clear span building with metal trusses and a fabric (sort of like vinyl) cover.

Photos of the cleanup:

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