Join The Love Coalition in the Civility Pledge; Talking About Race in Rural Communities July 9th

EDITOR’S NOTE: Now, more than ever, the Love Coalition and the Tillamook County Pioneer ask that our community embrace the Civility Pledge – a simple way to show that we have far more in common, that we can agree to disagree, and we all want the same things for our community. To be better, to do better and to build a stronger, kinder place for everyone.
By LaNicia Duke
“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.” ~ James Baldwin
As we seek change not just in the world, country, state or town we live in, now is the time more than ever to make sure we are also seeking change in each of our own hearts. I invite you over the weekend to take a break from social media and the news cycle to examine your “why” during this time.

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Rural Race Talks – Join LaNicia to Talk about Race in Rural Communities – July 9th at 2 pm
Dear allies, it is so wonderful to see the energy, passion and determination, but I ask what is the goal of your demonstrations? What’s the end game? Are you going to start registering people to vote at these demonstrations? Are you educating people in the process of demanding change? I love that you’re showing up but how are you impacting change in our communities engaging in a war of words? Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter. Is this really all you’re trying to prove? Have you considered actually fighting against laws that aid in systemic racism? Are you thinking about running for office so you can effectively help make our communities better? I implore you to discover your why in this season. What are you looking to accomplish? Have you asked the Black Lives in our communities how they would like to see their lives matter more? Or the lives of our LGBTQ+ community? Or the lives of the Latinx communities? Have you reached out to uncomfortable places to even challenge some of your own biases and microagressions? Just remember, we can’t fight a war demanding others have to change when we are still broken ourselves.

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