NCRD Election: Support for Shimek & Knight

*** IMPORTANT AND NOTE WORTHY: Our community is not voting on someone to build the pool; that can and absolutely should be achieved outside a board position. Our community is not voting to take away, from any of the NCRD candidates, the many opportunities to continue to support the district. And no one is proposing a torn community. What we are voting for are two of five seats to lead by example to uphold the full NCRD mission to their entire constituent base, and even if they feel fulfilled themselves, they will demonstrate community-first leadership.

When I first talked with Constance Shimek and shared what the path of parenting children toward a whole, full life in our community looked like through my eyes, she admitted this was a new way for her to look at things, even in being a mom herself. This is when I knew she has the graceful leadership qualities of listening to hear another person’s truth. Ultimately, she and I realized we are headed toward the same goals and are on slightly different paths to get there. Since then, I see her continue to keep the greater community at the forefront in her conversations; she speaks of important solutions and budget oversight that will financially sustain the NCRD for generations; and she is available to take into consideration different views, needs, and ideas, beyond her own.

In a time when there is much uncertainty, our leaders must keep us moving forward, so that we will succeed together and bring out the best in one-another. Constance Shimek has a person-centered approach that recognizes individuals and their unique qualities – a merit I believe is how true leadership builds a team of champions. She knows that no one person can do it all and also understands the duty of an elected position is many things, not only the construction of a building.

Constance Shimek and Frankie Knight have both proven to be leaders with listening skills that I trust will amplify and reinforce a plan to enhance everyone’s experiences at the NCRD! For the North County Recreation District, I will be voting for Constance Shimek and Frankie Knight.

NCRD’s mission is to promote the educational, social, and physical well-being of the entire north county community by offering activities for all ages and abilities in an inviting environment.

Julie Chick, Nehalem