Representative-elect Suzanne Weber responds to Governor Brown’s “Freeze” Order

(Press Release From Rep.-elect Suzanne Weber)
In a press conference on Friday, Governor Kate Brown ordered a statewide “freeze,”(see link below) to combat a recent surge in COVID-19 cases across Oregon. Restrictions include limiting restaurants to take-out and delivery food orders only, limiting Thanksgiving dinner and other private gatherings
to six people or fewer from no more than two households, and closing some businesses entirely, such as gyms and recreational facilities.
“COVID-19 is a serious health threat and we all need to do our part, but once again all of Oregon, and especially small business owners, are being saddled with some of the most restrictive rules in America.” said Representative-elect Suzanne Weber. “I certainly understand that some hotspots in the state require additional measures, but to impose these restrictions statewide will destroy businesses, destroy families and ruin the lives of countless people in rural Northwest Oregon.”

Weber stated that, because the number of active cases in rural Northwest Oregon is low, businesses there have been operating safely should be allowed to continue to do so. “We can address this virus effectively by allowing counties with low infection rates to keep our businesses open and operating safely, while also immediately taking up liability protections for business owners which were proposed by Democrats and Republicans in the last session,” commented Weber. “If the governor insists that this ‘Freeze’ order is the only way to address the current COVID-19 surge, she also needs to provide a plan to compensate business owners she shuts down.”
Representative-elect Weber is the Mayor of Tillamook and a former elementary school teacher. She was elected on November 3, 2020 to represent the people of rural northwestern Oregon in the Oregon House of Representatives.

Here is more information about the Governor’s 2-week freeze, effective Wednesday November 18th through December 2nd –