Something to Think About: Real Answer to Question …

I am the gentleman that wrote “Who Owns a candidate?”. The posted response I received from Jerry A Dove, is what one would expect from a professional politician.
The gambit is to never answer the statement or question presented but reply with a little canned speech about something else.
Extra points for fitting in words and phrases like “jobs”, “the Children”, all good hot button issues.
But the question I asked which was not answered I will I ask again.
Mr. Josi has taken large sums of money from large corporations.
Is Mr. Josi’s loyalty to the electorate (And that also means the residents of Oregon) or is his loyalty to the people writing the big checks?
– Julian Maccassey

Editor’s Note: Here is the link to Jerry Dove’s response to Mr. Macassey’s original op/ed … Mr. Macassey’s op/ed –