Petition to Tillamook School Board – Adopt Pioneering Spirit – Care for Neighbors, Doesn’t Take Local Control

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are multiple petitions being prepared for the Tillamook School District Board; Jim Heffernan took a traditional route gathering signatures in person. There is also an online petition available to sign as well – for more information see links below.

By Jim Heffernan
The Tillamook School Board is advocating a policy of “local control”. While “local control” seems a seductive principle on the surface, it is not a good idea.
We, the undersigned, feel the school board should abandon its plan for “local control” for reasons based on prudence, morality and economy.
Central in the principle of local control is a refusal to follow state guidelines for mask wearing to prevent the propagation of the deadly Covid-19 virus.
State guidelines have enabled Oregon to have a case rate that is lower than 48 of our states and death rate that is lower than 44 of our states.

Masking in not a perfect barrier to the propagation of Covid-19. The practice of mask wearing may be inconvenient and uncomfortable, but so are seat belts. They both save lives.

Travelling to Oregon by wagon train was an ordeal. Our pioneers did it anyway. What has happened to our “pioneer” moral fiber that we recoil at the annoyance of mask wearing?

The Old and New Testament tells us, repeatedly, that we “Love our neighbor as ourself”. Wearing a mask to protect others seems a perfect demonstration of loving our neighbor.

Finally, ignoring state guidelines exposes the school district to financial fines and the withholding of funds to support our district.

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